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Here's breakthrough, straight from the trenches secrets to explode your online fortunes...starting TODAY!

FINALLY: "This Time-Served Super Affiliate Blows Away The Barriers And Helps You Join The Elite Band Of Joint-Venturers Making An Absolute Fortune On Line!"

Read on as I show you it isn't rocket science to run with the big dogs...

Dear fellow internet marketer,

It's so frustrating, isn't it? You've read all the promises of "Sack the boss" and "Make money whilst you sleep" and "Work in your pajamas" and so you decide to get involved in internet marketing.

Then grim reality kicks in...

Because, as you watch this endless stream of product launches, week after week, and begin to recognize the same old names promoting each other's products, you realize all those promises of waking up in the morning and finding your merchant account overflowing with cash are genuine, all right - only it's NOT going to happen for YOU... anytime soon... and here's why.

I'm sure you've heard the expression "The money is in the list", which is exactly right.

You see, all wealth is based on some form of income generating assets - real estate, patents, plant. In direct marketing the asset is your customer list. And the size of that list determines your wealth and here's why.

Once you have a list of satisfied customers they are far more likely to buy from you again. This can either be your own more expensive products or related products you sell as an affiliate. So every name on your list will be worth an average of between one to five dollars, per name, per month.

Maybe that doesn't sound so hot... until you consider some of the top internet marketing top guns have lists containing 250,000 names. In fact I know of one guy with TWICE that - 500,000.

But - even at 250,000 - making just one dollar on average per name per month will net you a cool quarter of a million dollars a month. So it's not hard to see why the yearly income of some of the top names is in excess of three million dollars - even ten million, in one case.

So it's also easy to see why they are inundated with joint venture requests, every single day. In fact, some of them employ full time Affiliate Managers simply to deal with this daily avalanche of jv requests!

Think about it for a minute and you'll realize - right now - you're probably in a similar position to a bum, living on the street, yet trying to talk the bank's loan officer into giving him a 100% mortgage to buy that mansion on a hill.

It just ain't gonna happen, because you want the very same concession everyone else is also clamoring for and - just like getting that loan - it's a safe bet that there are plenty of rivals out there, with more attractive offers, who will kick sand in your face.

There has to be a better way

Fortunately there is... your own, insider "native guide"...

Hi, my name is Liam Laurie, and I know exactly how frustrated you feel about this glass ceiling stopping you from rising up to your true potential, because I started off from exactly where you are now. But I had one big advantage, which I'm about to share with you.

How I cracked the joint venture code

You see, I know better than most that there is a science behind every successful activity, whether putting Neil Armstrong on the Moon, baking a cake or assembling an automobile.

Follow the right recipe and - as night follows day - you'll be sure to take a scrumptious cake out of the oven. But just throw a few ingredients together, and hope for the best, and you're almost certain to end up with a complete mess.

I'm quite used to getting the wrong result most of the time. So, unlike most wannabe internet marketers, I didn't give up at the first difficulty. In fact, I'm real tenacious.

Because I know if you keep on, keeping on...then one day - usually when you least expect it - the longed for golden breakthrough happens and all the pieces fall into place.

Well, after many long weeks and months of testing and tweaking and slowly and consistently building on my successes, that coveted breakthrough arrived for me about ten years ago and since then I have made a fortune promoting other peoples' products. So much so, I could afford to give up the day job, because I was making far more money on line (and having more fun) than I was on the job treadmill!

And isn't that just what you want too?

And the good news is YOU don't have to go through all that tedious testing and false starts. Instead you can dine off my hard-won knowledge and experience and so zoom straight to the gold, far faster than I ever did!

That's because everything you need to know is contained in these three detailed modules which will take you from where you are now (even if you're as green as grass) to a fully paid up member of the elite super-rich affiliate club - and beyond - far quicker than you could possibly imagine.

And here's just a tiny taster of what you find in these three very comprehensive modules, carefully engineered by me to build on each other, as I coach you right from complete beginner (if you are) via apprentice affiliate to super affiliate and on to effortless joint-venturer.

Module One: "Cracking The Affiliate Marketing Code" (87 power-packed pages).

This module is designed to give you a solid base in affiliate marketing, and start your internet marketing business rolling. It provides everything a newbie might want to ask, and gradually builds your skills towards the more advanced topics in module 2.
Cracking the Affiliate Marketing Code includes:

  • The vital art of choosing the right niche (get this right and you're well on your way to riches) take a close look at page 37.

  • The essential business of choosing a product that sells well (maximize your rewards for the same effort) secrets revealed on page 44.

  • The vital skill of keyword research (proper mastery of this is the route to riches) and it starts on Page 46.

  • The golden key secret to keyword riches (understanding this one simple concept will make you rich) read and re-read page 47.

  • Pay Per Click Mastery (here's how you can get a fast start without losing your shirt) and it's all laid out for you in detail on page 55 through page 59.

  • Take a fresh look at Yahoo (because you could be missing some great traffic opportunities) start by reading page 60.

  • The often overlooked "poor relative" of the PPC world (and how you can cash in on its high traffic low competition) straight to page 63 for the heads up!

  • How to get plenty of high quality traffic without spending a single dime (and the even better news it continues to send you free traffic for years to come) secrets revealed on page 65.

  • SEO magic (cut through the fluff and get right to what you really need to do to get listed high up in the search engine results) and it all starts here, on page 67.

  • How to use the "pipe" symbol to enhance your results (plus five other vital on-page SEO factors you need to know) get the heads up on pages 69 and 70.

  • Off page SEO (check out the sheer power of over ONE BILLION back links for a phrase that isn't even on the subject page) the scales will fall from your eyes when you read page 71 and 72.

  • The five secret ways Google determines the value of your back links (knowing this will help you zoom to the top of Google's coveted first page) so don't miss page 73.

  • The laughingly simple way to rank well with Google (do this right and you'll also suck in a ton of backlinks like a Shop Vac on steroids) take a look at page 74.

  • The vast opportunities in social marketing (marketing is "the people business", so here's how to meet hoards of them) check out page 74.

  • The vital secrets of etiquette on MySpace, Facebook and the rest (be ignorant of these and you'll get banned very quickly) make sure you read pages 75 AND 76.

  • Auto submission or manual submission (make sure you read my take on the pros and cons of submitting to social sites) catch it on page 77.

  • Forum marketing (another rich source of free, qualified traffic - provided you follow the rules!) and they are all on pages 77 through 79.

  • Direct linking (here you'll get my take on the pros and cons) make sure you don't miss page 82.

  • The advantages in using your own domain name for direct linking (if you're using PPC, this one trick will save you a king's ransom) zoom straight to page 83 to check it out.

  • Landing pages (check out the six advantages and two disadvantages of setting up your own landing pages) see pages 84 - 85.

  • How to keep abreast of the changing nature of internet marketing (there are two particular forums I've learnt a ton from) find out who they are on page 87.

Module Two: "Stepping Up To Super Affiliate Status" (74 info-crammed pages).

Having covered the basics, here's where the rubber really hits the road with the real insider affiliate secrets - some techniques are so new they haven't even got names, yet!

  • Super Affiliates and YOU (discover the difference between you and those legendary super affiliates) then read the very last word on page 7 to see how you can close that gap FAST!

  • CPA red hot money maker? (use my insights to maximize your income from this trend) take a close look at pages 9 and 10.

  • The 740% affiliate commission (what's more, it's a real no-brainer offer for the prospect to grab) read about the whole different world beyond ClickBank on page 12.

  • The secrets of getting accepted (make sure you complete this simple but vital step for almost granted acceptance) the simple instructions are on page 13.

  • My best CPA power tricks to explode your conversions (get the inside track on the "assistant buyer" persona) it's here on page 15.

  • My dirtiest of dirty CPA tricks (watch these in action to judge how utterly effective they are) don't miss page 17.

  • Four of the best private affiliate programs (my picks from personal experience) check out pages 21 - 25.

  • Advanced landing techniques (get the insider secrets of how the super affiliates TURBOCHARGE their landing pages) and it starts on page 27.

  • The crucial formula for landing page success (just three magical words) find them on page 33.

  • The sheer power of "review" landing pages (and the key secret of duplicating their success) take a close look at pages 35 through 38.

  • Flogs and Farticles (not a misspelling, but the hottest landing pages on the web today) judge for yourself if you want to follow their lead on pages 38 - 40.

  • Setting up your landing pages (the simple two-step process is a complete no-brainer) check out the valuable tips on page 41.

  • The busted flat solution (here's how you really can start bum marketing with zero cost) check out page 42.

  • Advanced PPC techniques (here's the inside track on getting a virtually instant torrent of traffic without losing money) sage advice starts on page 43.

  • Direct linking with PPC (I've made good money with these - but ONLY on certain specific situations) find out what they are on Page 48.

  • A practical example of a PPC ad to explode conversions (AND save the cost of wasted clicks by banishing tire kickers) what's more I'll reveal one of the best programs to use it with on page 50.

  • The power of ad groups (this is an advanced technique that is a no-brainer to do) page 51 will give you all the details.

  • How to steal your competitor's sales (use my very naughty - but very lucrative - PPC Bump) keep page 52 to yourself!

  • The PPC Stalker Method (even naughtier than the last dirty trick but it's not personal - just business!) keep page 54 to yourself, too!

  • The affiliate's PPC graveyard (and how to avoid it) check out my best advice - and my last PPC secret on page 55.

  • DOMINATE Google's first page (my step-by-step, paint-by-numbers method to get on the first page of Google's results for your chosen keywords) and it's all laid out for you on pages 56-59.

  • How I sent 12 emails and saved $72,000 a year on my advertising (I told you I was tenacious, so here's how I found out which ads were paying and which weren't) it's all here on page 61.

  • The Holy Grail of internet marketing (and why you should eventually create and market- via other affiliates - your own product) get my take on this starting on page 63.

  • Lightening fast product creation (here's a simple way to create reports about anything in an afternoon) secrets revealed on page 64.

  • Even faster ways to get your own product (here's the heads up on the world of private label and master reseller rights) see page 65.

  • Using PayPal as your merchant account (and discover the biggest advantage it has over the other ways of getting paid) check out the details on pages 67-68.

  • Explode your income with One Time Offers (as old as the hills and still going strong - because they work and the extra cash they produce is PURE PROFIT) read page 68.

  • The money is in the list (you've heard it before so here's how to do it right) print out and read page 70-71.

  • The biggest affiliate secret of all (how to leverage your efforts and make even more money) vital information awaits on pages 72 -73.

  • Your simple seven step ACTION PLAN (yes,. I've laid it out so simply a child could start making money right away) follow pages 74-75 closely!

Module Three: "Joint Venturing With The Big Dogs" (100 revealing pages).

By now, you'll be an established affiliate, making a good income on autopilot and building a customer list and possess priceless proof of your success. So you're ready to GO FOR GOLD and begin joint venturing with the Big Dogs.

Everything I've learned over the last ten years - from that first tenuous contact to sealing the deal and following up after - is here for you to profit from.

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression (here's sage advice on getting it right first time) be sure to read page 5 carefully.

  • How to zig when everyone else is zagging (here's how to JV with little known big list owners whilst everyone else is vying for the attention of the same old twenty obvious names) check out page 6.

  • The awesome blasting power of joint ventures exposed (what they really can do for your bottom line - now and far into the future) discover why JV opportunities are so jealously guarded on page 14.

  • The vital element of trust (and how this makes JVs doubly valuable for you) study page 15.

  • How to make sales of $750,000 in 24 hours (and how the power of branding explodes sales) it's all there on page 16.

  • The fatal mistake to avoid (do this and your business will suffer BIG TIME) be sure to check out page 21.

  • The vital business of long term profits (taking the long view right from the start will be good for your wealth) see page 22.

  • Creating your information network (knowledge is power, so good research is the key here) it starts here, on page 36.

  • Breaking the ice (laying the vital foundations for a solid future relationship) take a close look at page 38.

  • The key secret of top salesman (so simple and yet so effective) don't miss page 39.

  • Four fatal mistakes to avoid like the plague (just knowing this will give you a great head start over the rest) and they are on pages 40 through 46.

  • The psychology of the joint venture (here we get right into the mind of the big list owner) get your unfair advantage on pages 58 - 60.

  • What your JV prospect wants most (and if you said "maximum money" you'd be WRONG!) find out what they really want on page 61.

  • Seven more fatal mistakes (more help to sidestep the pitfalls) check out all the pages from 63 through 71.

  • Closing the deal (if you've done everything right up to now, this should be a piece of cake) find out on page 83.

  • The vital business of following up your offer (this is where most people fall down) so make sure you don't by reading page 84.

  • Laying the foundations for future success (top sports players always plan two moves ahead and so should you) see how on page 85.

  • A word of caution (make sure you read these words of wisdom) so be sure to study page 87.

  • The worst joint venture approach of all time (hard to believe, but this really happened to me) and you can read the full story on pages 88 through 92.

Allow me to read your mind

I guess that you can now see what an awesome resource I have for you here and you're beginning to wonder about the bottom line... how much will your investment in the keys to the Kingdom Of Super Affiliate Status be? Just before I answer that I want to make one thing very clear.

I take all the risk on this.

So, if for any reason you feel this course isn't all I've said - and more - then simply shoot me an email and you'll get a cheerful, no-hassle refund so fast you'll probably get a nose bleed. Fair enough?

Right... now that's clear, let's see how much you would have to invest in your new career as a super affiliate. You see, I know from experience folks would be delighted to come and visit me in sunny California.

Maybe they can catch a few waves whilst they are here. And pay me $997 to attend my Super Affiliate Workshop. Of course, there would also be the plane ticket PLUS accommodation (not to mention surrendering your dignity to the Department of Homeland Affairs). Then something occurred to me.

You see this business will work anywhere in the world. And there are many good folks out there who couldn't afford the time or cost of making the trip to the West Coast. So, by thinking of creating a Super Affiliate Workshop, I was locking out a whole lot of good folks who could not make the trip. So, this is what I've done, instead.

I've burnt the midnight oil to produce this course for you. And it comes with several key advantages.

It's very difficult to attend a workshop and take in everything, whilst you scribble away furiously, writing tons of notes that you'll struggle to read later.

So, instead, kick off your shoes, pour a cold one, put your feet up and relax, whilst you absorb all I have for you in these three power packed modules. Feel the excitement rise, as I reveal my bag of dirty tricks, like how a few emails and a bit of psychology actually saved $72,000 of my annual advertising budget.

And here's the even better news. Because instead of taking three days out of my schedule to prepare and actually hold the workshop I can be setting up more JVs for myself. So I'm delighted to pass all the saving on to you. And that includes the fact there is no S & H involved, because you can download the entire course the instant your order is processed and you can be enjoying the first of very many "Ah, ha" moments a very short while from now.

So. instead of charging you $997 you only have to invest ONE TENTH of that - just $97... and you'll quickly recoup that with this revolutionary material.

But, wait... there's more.

You see, I really want to help you climb to the very top of the JV tree, so I've decided to go hog wild and give away the farm here - BUT only for the first fifty people who are smart enough to realize the value of what I have for you and jump on this, right away.

Early Bird First Fifty VIP bonus #1: "The Super Affiliate's Little Black Book". Value priceless - but yours FREE provided you are one of the first 50 people to grab this.

And here's a sneaky look inside this closely guarded book that only 50 people will ever see...

  • Solving your two most pressing problems (here's what to do if you're a newbie and you don't have quite the right product) all is revealed on pages 8 and 9.

  • Does your product have "JV appeal"? (here's how to check it will be instantly perceived as a good fit for your JV prospect) read pages 10 - 12.

  • When poor research backfires (examine what goes though the mind of a list owner when presented with a poor JV offer) read all about it on page 12 through 18.

  • The vital difference between "private" and "public" list owners (and how you can exploit both) secrets revealed on pages 34 - 46.

  • Putting it all together (your vital summary for five star JV success!) carefully study pages 47 - 56.

Early Bird First Fifty VIP bonus #2: ME. Value $800 a hour - but yours FREE provided you are one of the first 50 people to grab this.

Yes! Imagine how this will help you get a leg up into the wonderful world of joint ventures with me by your side? But there is a strict condition.

You MUST study the entire course - as well as devour the Little Black Book, before you contact me. Makes sense, doesn't it, because then we'll both be professional joint venture folks.

And, if I think your JV has merit, I will personally do all I can to help you take it forward. And, if I think it needs a little more work I won't be shy in telling you, because we are both grown-ups. Either way, if you do manage to get one of those precious 50 slots, it could be the making of your on line career!

Now you have a choice

Either you pass up on this offer and carry on as before... watching all those mega launches come and go and carry on wondering if you'll ever be able to rub shoulders with that elite group. OR...

You can grab this (totally risk free offer) with both hands and step up to a bright new world where you'll be using the magic of other peoples efforts to leverage your personal fortunes to new heights.

And just imagine that "Christmas morning feeling" when you study the course and see how easy it all is - now you have my tried and tested secrets. Then you'll soak up a feeling of immense calm when you realize at last this is what you've been looking for. And you'll immediately know just how this can transform life for you and your loved ones. That new car... even a new home and that exotic holiday of a lifetime you've always promised yourself... someday. Suddenly it all jumps into sharp, immediate focus, because you can clearly see it's now all within your grasp.

So I guess the choice you have to make isn't that hard. In fact, it's a complete no-brainer!

So I'm looking forward to welcoming you as my newest Apprentice Super Affiliate,

Liam Laurie
Super Affiliate and Joint Venture Consultant

P.S. Remember, you're fully protected by my 60 day no-quibble, "love it or your money back", guarantee. So the only way you can possibly lose out on this is to pass up on this golden opportunity to step up to the highest levels of internet marketing success.

P.P.S. It's never too soon to start enjoying the good life, so the sooner you get started the sooner you'll be laughing all the way to the bank. And right now there are hundreds of people looking at this very same page. And many are thinking, "Hey, this is exactly what I've been looking for - a VIP Pass to the highest echelons of the business".

And every one that wisely decides to invest in this, leaves ONE LESS COPY of my Little Black Book and ONE LESS SEAT at my table for my personal help and advice. You'll hate yourself if you go away to think about it only to come back and find those fifty priceless bonuses have ALL GONE. So hit the button below, whilst it's hot in your mind.

Yes, Liam! I want to step up to Super Affiliate Status AND Joint Venture with the Big Boys!

I just hope I'm quick enough to get your Little Black Book and your very generous offer of personal help.

I'm grateful for your generous offer of a 60 day "love it or my money back" guarantee and on that basis, here's my order.


Here's what our clients think about us:

The Best Joint Venturing Course We Know

"As a professional reviews site all we do is test, judge and compare courses. We read your course, tested it hands-on, and it came 1st in our tests - the best JVing course we know. Here's why:

  • Very entertaining read.

  • Powerful "insider" viewpoint.

  • Easy to use, step by step approach.

  • Extremely effective techniques.

  • One-on-One Joint-Venturing Helpline is PRICELESS.

On that last point: during the last few months we've had difficulties in closing a BIG JV with a VERY established marketer. No matter what we tried - we couldn't put our finger on what we were doing wrong... we decided to send our actual JV proposal for review by your aptly-named Pro-Marketing team. To say their (your?) insights were eye-opening is a real understatement: They hit he nail on the head in showing what we needed to fix, gave us some great ideas and - you guessed it - we finally closed the deal! ... It'll take a few months before we post our JV courses reviews - but we just had to tell you."



You're The Man!!!

"My results on my first month of JVs were significantly better than you promised... so far second month looks even higher, plus I also have other possible JVs on line, one of them much larger.
This is amazing, and I can finally finally quit my day job! You're The Man! Thanks so much."

Jack D.

After his 1st month of JVing

You're Making Me Rich!!!

"Just wanted to keep you posted: 4 months later and things are WAY better... You're making this happen, my friend. You're making me rich..."

Jack D.

After his 5th month of JVing


A Great Spark of Inspiration

"I've been joint venturing and making enough money from my online business (established 1998) long before I purchased your course. In all truth - I didn't really need it, as over the years I already learned (the hard way) most of the tips and tactics you give. What I did get though was a great spark of inspiration from what you're writing. It was a very refreshing experience indeed, and wish I had it years ago"

Tom Rieper, Dallas


Completely Changed My Bottom Line

"I wish I'd have bought your course when I first got into online marketing. I spent almost $30,000 and 5 years trying to make it on my own, and failing in what JV attempts I tried...
Basically, before I bought your course I spent too many hours and too much money on my online dreams, and was about to leave them for lack of success... Dreams aren't enough when they don't materialize, and only keep you away from your family...
Your course changed my bottom line completely, literally snatching victory from the jaws of defeat... 6 months after buying your course and so far my profits just keep rising, and with much less work than before...
I don't know how I could ever repay you for this, except maybe through JVing with YOU ;-) "

Janet Martin
Los Angeles, Ca.


Increased My Income Within a Few Days

"Finally! For 9 months I've been scouring the net, reading all the info products I could get my hands on, and not until today when I read yours did any course actually increase my income within a few days of my purchase. It's worth ten times what you're charging for it if you ask me."

Mike Cook
Surfer's Paradise, QLD, Australia


Already More Than Doubled My Sales

"Wow. I thought I knew it all until today. I learned something on every single page, and hey, here I am 5 weeks later using your tips that for once do exactly as advertised.
I already closed a JV with a medium sized marketer that already more than doubled my sales. Even more exciting - two Super Affiliates are showing real interest in promoting my product. That's proof you know what you're talking about. Expect more sales yourself, because I went ahead and told all my contacts about your products. I truly couldn't have done it without you! Thanks, Liam"

Jason J. Moore
Anaheim, California


A Rare Gem

"That had to be the most down to earth read I've had this year. You really do tell it like it is. Blunt, easy to understand and information that doesn't contradict itself every two lines. That's a rare gem of an info product in my experience. I'd buy it a hundred times over, and - guess what - I guess I CAN buy it a hundred times over, as on my first month I made almost $9,000, working part time!"

Charlotte Christiansen
Stromstad, Sweden


Secured Not One, Not Two, But THREE JVs

"Phew, am I glad I bought your book when I just started looking how to build a business... After reading the course I wrote an eBook on family affairs... then secured not one, not two, but THREE joint ventures for selling it... sales are high and I am clearly on the right way... I clearly enjoy this new job, but the best part is I now have much more time and money to spend with my family and hobbies... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Daryl Josloff
(Author and Businessman)
Bowie, MD, USA

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