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If you are an Affiliate Marketer or would like to be, we invite you to cash-in on this new product.

Super Affiliate Joint Ventures is one of the Highest Paying programs on ClickBank, and Our Conversion Rate is amazingly high!

Our program is unbeatable. This is why:

  • We pay 75% commission on a premium product, which means after ClickBank fees you earn $67 for each sale.
  • We operate in a niche, so competition is low and Pay Per Click ads are very inexpensive.
  • We offer the best Joint Ventures and Partnership course around, so we dominate the niche and our Conversion Rate is extremely high.
  • At around 4%, our refund rate is exceptionally low. You get to keep practically every sale you make.
  • We work exclusively via ClickBank, so your earnings are assured.
  • And most important... As a registered affiliate we let you control the biggest marketing variable around! I cannot give more details here in the open section of the site, but once you enter our Affiliates Resources zone (here) - You'll be surprised!

You will soon see that Super Affiliates Joint Ventures makes for some of the easiest, most profitable sales around.

  • If all you do is place a link or banner in your website, you will see that the product just about sells itself.
  • If you want to go one step further, we will soon provide a host of affiliate resources designed to make sales even easier, and boost your conversion rate into warp speed.
  • It doesn’t cost you a dime to sell Super Affiliate Joint Ventures! In fact – even if you don’t have a website you can still make serious cash with this product. Our affiliates Resources section will soon show you how.
Super Affiliate Joint Ventures – The Complete Joint Venturing System

With high commissions, low refunds and easy conversions, Super Affiliate Joint Ventures is the perfect program for you. Even if you buy PPC traffic you can easily make much, much more than what you invest.

The Bottom Line - How Much Will You Make?
How much do you want to make? How do you want to promote us? The possibilities are endless! You make almost $67 on each sale - higher than any other JV product offers.

We Pay Through ClickBank!
ClickBank.com is the most trusted 3rd party Affiliate Program manager on the Internet! Checks are sent out TWICE A MONTH (1st and the 15th) and are always on time.

You Do The Math!
  • Our course sells for $97.00
  • For Each Sale You earn 75%
  • => For Each Sale, after ClickBank fees You Get almost $67!
If you were to ONLY sell ONE sale per day, This is what you would earn:
ClickBank Pays You This Much:
Sales Per Day Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $2,010 $24,120
5 $10,050 $120,600
10 $20,100 $241,200
20 $40,200 $482,400

This from selling one product only, which sells easily with amazing conversions!

Five Reasons Why You Should Only Promote Us

  1. We operate in a niche, so competition is low and Pay Per Click ads are very inexpensive

  2. We dominate the niche and our Conversion Rate is extremely high.

  3. There are no sales leaks! This site works exclusively via ClickBank, so your earnings are assured with checks twice a month.

  4. You earn almost $67 (=75%) on each sale. Few programs come close to paying these commissions.

  5. At around 4%, our refund rate is exceptionally low. You get to keep practically every sale you make.

  6. And most important... As a registered affiliate we let you control the most important marketing variable around! (Additional details here).

How To Get Started
  1. If you don't have a ClickBank ID, sign up here! It takes about 1 minute. CLICK HERE to get a FREE ClickBank ID.

  2. After you have a ClickBank ID, CLICK HERE to create your affiliate link. Your affiliate link should look as follows: http://YOURID.superaffjv.hop.clickbank.net

Put this link in your site and get 75% of everything you sell!

Visit Our Resource Center

Once you sign up with ClickBank you should also register as a Super Affiliates Joint Venture Affiliate below. This will give you access to our Affiliate Members' Area, enable you to control the biggest marketing variable around (you'll be surprised!) as well as periodic updates on special offers you can promote, new selling resources and new releases of course material.

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This is just one of the resources in our Affiliate Resource Center:

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Affiliate Membership gives you access to all kinds of resources to help you sell the course! It even lets you control even the biggest marketing variables around, and helps build your name. This is information YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS!

Please note: We respect your privacy, so your email address will never be sold, given to any other party or used for spam.



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Here's what our clients think about us:

The Best Joint Venturing Course We Know

"As a professional reviews site all we do is test, judge and compare courses. We read your course, tested it hands-on, and it came 1st in our tests - the best JVing course we know. Here's why:

  • Very entertaining read.

  • Powerful "insider" viewpoint.

  • Easy to use, step by step approach.

  • Extremely effective techniques.

  • One-on-One Joint-Venturing Helpline is PRICELESS.

On that last point: during the last few months we've had difficulties in closing a BIG JV with a VERY established marketer. No matter what we tried - we couldn't put our finger on what we were doing wrong... we decided to send our actual JV proposal for review by your aptly-named Pro-Marketing team. To say their (your?) insights were eye-opening is a real understatement: They hit he nail on the head in showing what we needed to fix, gave us some great ideas and - you guessed it - we finally closed the deal! ... It'll take a few months before we post our JV courses reviews - but we just had to tell you."



You're The Man!!!

"My results on my first month of JVs were significantly better than you promised... so far second month looks even higher, plus I also have other possible JVs on line, one of them much larger.
This is amazing, and I can finally finally quit my day job! You're The Man! Thanks so much."

Jack D.

After his 1st month of JVing

You're Making Me Rich!!!

"Just wanted to keep you posted: 4 months later and things are WAY better... You're making this happen, my friend. You're making me rich..."

Jack D.

After his 5th month of JVing


A Great Spark of Inspiration

"I've been joint venturing and making enough money from my online business (established 1998) long before I purchased your course. In all truth - I didn't really need it, as over the years I already learned (the hard way) most of the tips and tactics you give. What I did get though was a great spark of inspiration from what you're writing. It was a very refreshing experience indeed, and wish I had it years ago"

Tom Rieper, Dallas


Completely Changed My Bottom Line

"I wish I'd have bought your course when I first got into online marketing. I spent almost $30,000 and 5 years trying to make it on my own, and failing in what JV attempts I tried...
Basically, before I bought your course I spent too many hours and too much money on my online dreams, and was about to leave them for lack of success... Dreams aren't enough when they don't materialize, and only keep you away from your family...
Your course changed my bottom line completely, literally snatching victory from the jaws of defeat... 6 months after buying your course and so far my profits just keep rising, and with much less work than before...
I don't know how I could ever repay you for this, except maybe through JVing with YOU ;-) "

Janet Martin
Los Angeles, Ca.


Increased My Income Within a Few Days

"Finally! For 9 months I've been scouring the net, reading all the info products I could get my hands on, and not until today when I read yours did any course actually increase my income within a few days of my purchase. It's worth ten times what you're charging for it if you ask me."

Mike Cook
Surfer's Paradise, QLD, Australia


Already More Than Doubled My Sales

"Wow. I thought I knew it all until today. I learned something on every single page, and hey, here I am 5 weeks later using your tips that for once do exactly as advertised.
I already closed a JV with a medium sized marketer that already more than doubled my sales. Even more exciting - two Super Affiliates are showing real interest in promoting my product. That's proof you know what you're talking about. Expect more sales yourself, because I went ahead and told all my contacts about your products. I truly couldn't have done it without you! Thanks, Liam"

Jason J. Moore
Anaheim, California


A Rare Gem

"That had to be the most down to earth read I've had this year. You really do tell it like it is. Blunt, easy to understand and information that doesn't contradict itself every two lines. That's a rare gem of an info product in my experience. I'd buy it a hundred times over, and - guess what - I guess I CAN buy it a hundred times over, as on my first month I made almost $9,000, working part time!"

Charlotte Christiansen
Stromstad, Sweden


Secured Not One, Not Two, But THREE JVs

"Phew, am I glad I bought your book when I just started looking how to build a business... After reading the course I wrote an eBook on family affairs... then secured not one, not two, but THREE joint ventures for selling it... sales are high and I am clearly on the right way... I clearly enjoy this new job, but the best part is I now have much more time and money to spend with my family and hobbies... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Daryl Josloff
(Author and Businessman)
Bowie, MD, USA

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